Health Tips: 4 Vaginal Signs That You Are Nearing Menopause

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Menopause starts at the late 40s of a woman’s life, below are some of the signs that denotes menopause. 

1. Greying Hair

 Your pubic hair may thin and grey over time. You probably won’t lose all your hair down there, but yay – less shaving and waxing?

The downside: As you get into your 40s, and your estrogen levels start to fall, you may discover hair growing elsewhere, like on your face. That’s what’s been happening to your Cucu.

2. Your Vulva Looks Older

Losing estrogen is a trip! Your vulva – your exterior lady parts – including clitoris, labia etc, will look mostly the same into your 40s, until after menopause. The distinctive folds of your labia majora and minora may, um, relax, but Everything Will Still Work

3. Your Vagina Shrinks

Who knew our estrogen levels needed to be on our prayer lists?

Falling estrogen levels also lead to the shrinking of the vaginal opening, and the reduced length of the canal itself.

4. Also pH changes and thinning tissues

That loss of fullness on the vulva, or thinning if you prefer that outlook, will extend to your vaginal tissues. Sex may become painful, alas. Changes in your vaginal pH may make you susceptible to infections, wacha yeast infections, also UTI’s, and other bladder issues, STIs

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Health Tips: 4 Vaginal Signs That You Are Nearing Menopause

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