Cemetery (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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I was at the cemetery last night

Tried to dig up old bones

Trying to find my remedy

There I was not scared at all
I sat there for a while

Envying them that got rid of their pain

Them that finally rested in peace  

How I wished I was one of them
I  wanted  peace

And it was quite there

So peaceful so silent

I wanted to release my soul to them

So maybe my demons would free me at last
With my flash light i read the. Captions

Inscribed in their tombs

I carried no flowers

I carried no hope

But my pain deep in me
I wanted to feel them

To ask them what its like down there

To ask them how it felt to be free

How it felt to just sleep

But they didn’t  approach me

May be its the dark aura that was stuck in my soul

Maybe they were afraid I would transfer my pain to them


But I just wanted a chit chat

I just wanted to talk to them

Listen to them

For I felt they would understand more

I wanted to know everything about the other world

I was just curious
For I was about to join them

I badly wanted to die

I had my pills and razors with me

Everything that would finish me off that night 

I wanted them to welcome me

To at least give me a standing ovation

For I’d have finally succeeded

In taking my own life 

Finally after so many suicide attempts
But again as I was about to slit my wrists

I heard a voice stoping me

I heard someone telling me 

How hard and more miserable the other world was

The voice asked me to be strong

It said that those who died of it never made it to heaven

The voice was so loud and clear

I remember someone walking me out of the cemetery

Holding my hand 

Almost dragging me out

Then the voice came again

And it was like “You don’t belong here”

“I still have great plans for you, just trust me, I’ll make things right, just let me in”
I felt at peace

Something I’ve never felt before

I felt love

I was not alone anymore
Cemetery (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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