Facts About The Penis Every Man Should Know

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Having a penis is not a guarantee that you know everything about it. Simply caring about it is not enough, you also need to learn things about your penis.

To ensure a healthy, and strong penis, here are 10 interesting facts about it that every man should know.

1. Smoking Cigarette Shortens The Penis

Smoking can take an entire centimeter off your penis, making it shorter.

2. An Enlarged Prostate Affects Penile Function

An enlarged prostate affects both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 

If you notice anything odd about your prostate, visit a doctor.

3. There Are Two Types Of Penises

One expands and lengths when it becomes erects. This kind is called grower.

The other kind appears big but doesn’t grow bigger during an erection. This is known as the shower.

4. 79 Percent Men Have Growers

An international Men’s Health survey reports that 79 percent of men have growers, 21 percent have showers.

5. The Longer The Penis The More The Semen

The longer your penis, the better the semen displacement when having sex.

6. Handsome Men Have Stronger Sperm

Good looking men have stronger and more healthy sperm. 

Spanish researchers showed women photos of guys who had good, average, and lousy sperm—and told them to pick the most handsome men. The women chose the best sperm producers most often.

7. The Brain Doesn’t Control Ejaculation

The brain doesn’t control penile ejaculation, the order actually comes from the spinal cord.

8. Vigorous Masturbation Ruptures The Penis

Be careful when jerking off, guys. Vigorous masturbation is the most common cause of penis rupture. 

9. Intercourse Doesn’t Last 5 Minutes

The average intercourse lasts just 2 minutes 30 seconds, not 5 minutes, 30 seconds as we perceived. 

Keep an alarm clock handy when doing it to check.

10. The Penis And The Clitoris Are Formed From The Same Tissue

All mammalian embryos start life as a female in a presentation before the chromosome process is activated, with an external, undifferentiated clitoris-like structure. 

Eventually, embryos with XX chromosomes will develop a clitoris, labia, and vagina, while those with XY chromosomes will grow a penis and testes.

Facts About The Penis Every Man Should Know

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