Nude (Romantic poem of the day) 

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The day begins well, empty

Null of thunder, not a sheet of rain,

I feign happiness…

I smile, I blink

I gaze deeply into fellow men’s eyes,

Do you see the sign?

The day begins fantastically,

So I carry on with the scene,

Hoping you won’t see behind the red curtains-

Me directing me.
The day,

Yes, the day, 

Everyday I should say,

Begins well,

My lips tilt into a smile,

I blush; the redness caused by slaps in life,

I just swing from the chandelier,

Calling out your name in vain.

From the ceiling I swing,


Can you see the nude picture?

The watery eyes, they sparkle… don’t they?

The rain outside shields that from within

Who’ll see the clear picture of my naked soul?

Bare and crying for help.


© Bitter Éclairs (Michigan)
Nude (Romantic poem of the day) 

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