My Special (Romantic poem of the day) 

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My special

Want you know who is she?

Be with me I will tell you

My special is HAFSAT

I love her and I love her 

I can not even eat food

When I want see her but not

What she said I will tell you

Love can be ended she said 

But mine is forever 

Her happiness and her sadness 

Is mine and she is also 

Her picture and also two rings

My lovely was given to me 

Three times atleast each day

We communicate through telephone 

She and I we become the same

One time unfortunately 

Give me my picture she said 

In jam I found my self

When I heard my lovely words

Why? I asked my special 

Nothing my lovely replied

Now in fact I will tell you

My creator am asking

To pick her love in my mind

And my colleagues you also

I beg you to pray for me

Only god can pick her love

May ALLAH do so I beg.

My Special (Romantic poem of the day) 
Nigeria poem


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