Dear Husband (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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I can’t say loving you has always been a pleasure cause you’ve inspired all the bones in me to treasure you as mine 

I can’t say we were meant for each other but the breeze that breaths forth from us is enough to keep us forever  

I can’t say you’ve inspired every breath in me but you were the reason I have longed for each morning and smiled each evening
Well scratch that. 

Since you and I formed the picture,  all you’ve done is destroy our background 

My life is now a mess simply because I gave in to the temptations of the oceans forgetting a river must first exist

I have lived my entire life pleasing what laughed and mocked at each action I did 

I didn’t just give you everything… I gave my damn precious little heart to the fantasy of you loving me

Dear husband,  how I wish you had told me the “for worse” I had signed up for 

Now I’m left regretting the disguise they warned me that I ended cleaning it up 
My love, as I write this, you should know I had lived loving all your flaws with pure perfection 

That’s why when you introduced Njeri as a friend, I knew she was the other but still hoped to keep us for life

But then the situation grew worse from Njeri to Atieno to Moraa and topping it Becky was there in the picture 

Maybe cheating for you was a disease  but when you came home late and drunk to beat your wife for cold food

That’s when I knew the bonding between you and I had already weakened 
At least you could have told me you needed more

Maybe I would have considered this polygamous thing 

But then you chose the second hand way ,”using them thrashing “, “spending then borrowing ”

That’s why our children now sleep hungry and depressed 

Cause the man they new as a father has now turned into a feature that needs no feathers to fly 

And now mama has to nurse your wounds inflicted by you on them
I’m sorry for all the love I showed you for they bore only problems 

I’m sorry for trying to fix us when clearly our calibre was never equal 

I’m sorry for all the complaints I’ve eaten up and swallowed deep down in my heart 

I’m sorry for trying to understand what ought to have been ignored 

I’m sorry for the house we built together is now heading for ashes 

I’m sorry for the tears hungry and sleepless nights you caused our children 

I’m sorry for saying sorry for what I ought to ask for 
I can’t take this anymore 

I’ll leave for peace

I’ll leave to pave way for the best 

I’ll leave for the happiness of me 

I’ll leave for the worth of me… 
I can’t say loving you has always been a pleasure for you have forced every bone of mine to infiltrate pain in the name of love 

I can’t say this love of ours was forever cause beneath our so called  forever lies  our game over
Good bye 
@Gastavas Pains💔
Dear Husband (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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