Christian Faith: Why Pray

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Why Pray?

Sundays are for Christians to attend church and pray to there maker God, but the intriguing questions been asked is “if God has known our intentions since day one then Why pray? Sometimes you get the impression that prayer is a grocery list: “Our Father, who art in heaven… Gimme, gimme, gimme! This is sort of a, “shop ‘til you drop” way of praying. But somehow I cannot see that as the prime and certainly not the most satisfying reason.

So I began to study how and why Jesus prayed. After all, He got more answers than anyone else and He always prayed for the right reasons. I was amazed! First, because He prayed all the time. The Bible says that “He would often withdraw to the wilderness and pray.” Often is right. He prayed just about every chance He got. He was perfect; so it wasn’t like He was praying for forgiveness of sin or anything like that. Why?

Well, that’s the second reason I was amazed. The more I study, the more good motivating reasons I find to pray. I find they’re basically the ones Jesus Himself had. And since, as I said earlier, I’m often flummoxed about prayer and get discouraged, these reasons almost always give me a lift — and sometimes even a jolt.

Christian Faith: Why Pray

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