Inhuman: Norway Legalize Human-Animal Marriage, As A Lady Weeds A Dog

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Barbarä, a 23-year-old woman who was met by a team of journalists, would be the first to celebrate a zoocontractual union. 

Barbarä Trüdlosmek seems delighted to introduce her husband: Rudolf, an abandoned doberman she found in an animal shelter In January 2015 and with whom she claims to be bound by a sincere and reciprocal love.

They have already married. Even if we are not sure that Rudolf understood the ins and outs of his consent to questionable lighting, Barbarä would like to reassure, “Rudolf and I communicate in our own way.

He understands what is going on and the importance of the union we celebrate, he did not understand it like you and I, certainly, but he understood it.

Besides, he had already chosen his best man, Caesar, a 12 months Yorkshire, who took his role seriously.

What About Sexuality?

For a long time the young woman tried to convince us of the validity of her unnatural marriage, of all the difficulties her couple encountered, etc.

But she is much less talkative when we question her about her sexuality,

“What Rudolf and I do in bed or anywhere does not concern you! You know, I’m not very interested in it, and my husband is very comfortable with it.

We have a couple intimacy, like all couples, and the principle of intimacy is that it is something intimate that I do not have to talk about.

Ok, curiosity was wrongly placed on our part, it is true. But these are reflexes of journalists. She is not going to make us morals anymore?

Rudolf Trüdlosmek, 1st dog to bear the name of a human

Rudolf having no legal name, it was Barbarä who gave him hers, as the Norwegian law foresees since the foundation of the kingdom.

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