Moment (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Being a little black pea,

Amid a beautiful generation,

Of beautiful brown ones.

And i can’t help but whimper at the laughs shared…

And the moments experienced 

At the known calm

At the peace fading 

Of moments flashing by

Of memories being distant 

Thus at a pedestal I stand

Seeing who I am

Feeling who I was slowly departing

Afraid of whom I’ll be

Wondering of the eternal light

If it still shall shine bright

Or will it flicker at my arrival?

Or maybe of the one at the tunnel

That maybe I’m too ambiguous 

Much that the tunnel ain’t a choice

So here I stand

Reliving in the gone past,

Shaking at my reality

Gasping for my present

Wary of my tomorrow….


Maybe this time all will be different 

And when it all gets dark

Maybe then shall I see the light…


Maybe I’ll have my start at the end.

Moment (Lifestyle poem of the day) odp
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