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16 Nigeria celebrities who are naturally light-skinned

In the era of bleaching and soap is the new fashion, where most celebrities go as far as doing plastic surgery to look light-skinned.
Today I will be talking about the top Nigerian celebrities who are naturally light skin without bleaching.

Ramsey Noah

ramsey noah

Ramsey Noah is a Nigerian actor. Back in the days when Light-skinned guys used to be referred to as handsome, I believe this guy’s the main reason why Hollywood movies producers preferred light-skinned actors for major roles over their dark skin counterparts in the late 90s.

ramsey noah
Ramsey noah

They might have seen the effect Ramsey Noah’s half-cast look has on the female audience who are majorly Nollywood Fans.

Adesua Etomi

adesua etomi

Adesua is a Nigerian actress who studied acting in the United Kingdom. After studying in the United Kingdom she moved back to Nigeria to practice what she studied in school. During an interview, she talked about the idea of the light-skinned actress getting more movie role, “she said when people see that you a success at what you are doing, they somehow automatically attribute it to the fact that you are light-skinned, so they think that people prefer you because you are yellow is kind of insulting.”

Mike Ezuruonye

mike ezuruonye

Mike Ezuruonye is another Hollywood actor who raked movie roles in Hollywood during the early 2000, especially loverboy roles. The light-skinned actor has been like this ever since he was born. The picture of young Mike Ezuruonye will tell you how he looked as a child, apart from that his first child to over his complexion and appearance, both of them look so adorable and cute together.

mike ezuruonye

mike ezuruonye and his son
Mike Ezuruonye and his son

Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic knows how to accentuate her light with a red lipstick. At 41yrs of age, she still has the look of a 21yrs old girl.rita dominic


Phyno is a rapper and singer, I will say Phyno is light-skinned because he looks white.


I can’t say if light-skinned is a sought after thing in Nigeria music industry but Phyno is one Nigerian best indigenous rapper.

Regina Daniels

regina daniels

We all watched Regina Daniel grow on our Faces so there’s nothing hidden about her completion. She started acting at a very young age and has been in the limelight till date.

regina daniels

She has always been light-skinned from childhood her mother is light-skinned and her father is also light-skinned so you can see where she got her light complexion from.

Banky W

Banky W is a Cool R&B singer and a swag to match, it’s just so sad because Banky W is off the market.
Banky W was born in the United States to Nigerian parents, he took his mother’s skin complexion.

banky w


Nkiru Sylvanus


Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus is another Nigerian actress who has been tagged Beautiful because of her light-skinned complexion. She is popularly known as Ble Ble

ble ble

Looking at her throwback picture, she is beautiful and from this picture, you can see she has been light-skinned from day one.young ble ble


Sophie Alakija

Sophie is a Nollywood actress, the light-skinned beauty is popularly known for being Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend and also appearing on Wizkid’s Holla at your boy music video as the lead dancer.

sophie alakija

Sophie Alakija’s parentage is from Efik, Cross River State, and Lebanese so there is nothing to doubt where she got her light-skinned complexion from.

Monalinsa Chinda

monalisa chinda


This Nollywood actress goes beyond light-skinned to almost being white, because of her skin tone she has acted a lot of white lady roles in movies.

Queeneth Hilbert

queeneth hilbert

Queeneth Hilbert is a Nollywood actress and Model. This tall pretty light-skinned actress has been everyone’s favorite over the years. I know many might think she bleached but no she has been like this ever since birth, actually her father is Lebanese which might be where she got her light skin tone and her mother is from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Queeneth grew up with her mom while it took time to know her father.



TBoss is a very popular entertainer and former big brother Naija TV show housemate. Mere looking at this pretty lady one might think she bleached her skin but she has been light-skinned ever since she was born. Tboss is half-caste which expresses where she got a light skin tone, her mother is from Romania while her father is a Nigerian.

Hilda Dokubo

If you started watching Nollywood in the 90s you’ll be familiar with this light-skinned actress Hilda Dokubo. She is popularly known for acting in sorrowful movies where she cries a lot.

hilda dokubo

One thing that is significant about Hilda is her white skin complexion which everyone knows is natural.

Caroline Danjuma

caroline danjuma

With her eyes and skin tone, you might think this Nollywood beauty is a white lady. Caroline is a half-caste she was born to a Scottish father and the Nigerian mother.

Caroline Danjuma was less frequent in Nollywood after she got married to Musa Danjuma the younger brother of Theophilus Danjuma in 2007. Their union produced two sons and a daughter before they separated in 2016.

Lilian Bach

Nollywood actress Lilian Bach boost of a light skin that could boost up a dark room.

lilian bach

Wonder where this Nollywood actress got her beauty from, Lilian Bach was born to a Yoruba mother and a Polish father. As a result of her father’s profession, she lived in various parts of the country during her formative years but unfortunately, Lilian Bach’s father died when she was 10 years old.

Adunni Ade


Adunni Ade is a Nigerian actress and fashion model, her talent, fresh face, and glowing skin will give you a run for your money. She was born in Queens, New York City to German-American mother and Nigeria Yoruba father.


It is not surprising that she has made it to the mainstream of Nollywood not too long after she branch into acting.


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